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Balis Best Green Tea Latte Hard Candy, 5.3 oz


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Bali's Best Green Tea Latte Candy, 5.3 oz from Indonesia. Individually wrapped, 42 pieces.  I must say that every Bali's Best candy I have ever tried is very smooth to the taste, and the texture of the candy is slippery and velvety.  Each little flavor disc is manufactured to the highest standard and none of them are ever misshapen or rough.  This flavor is one of my favorites, and to me it tastes like exactly like a cup of boba pearl milk tea. 

The caffeine content is roughly 3 mg per piece, so you'd have to eat 20+ pieces to get the equivalent kick of an 8 oz cup of tea/coffee.  Best used for a little mid day or late afternoon pick me up!

Customer Reviews

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Walter M. (Cypress, CA)

I bought these products as a gift so I can't really rate them. However, other people enjoy them and that's the reason I bought them as a gift.

Terri T. (San Diego, CA)
Not the taste I'm looking for

Green tea hard candy from Japan has a distinct tea flavor. This candy starts of with an alcohol taste then to mostly sugar taste. Not bad but not what I'm craving.

Peggy K. (Fargo, ND)
Green tea latte candies

My new FAVORITE!!!!