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See what our customers have to say about us and the products we carry.  Proudly serving the finest and tastiest coffee, milk, coconut and other hard candies from around the world!
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Chun Guang Ginger Coconut Hard Candy

Happy customer

I found these candies on a road trip once. When I ran out recently, I went looking to buy them online (as I've never seen them in any local stores). I ended up on Auntie K's page, and I purchased two bags. The purchase itself was quick and easy (I used PayPal), and I got timely emails thanking me for my purchase and informing me about the delivery status (both when it shipped and when it arrived). The product showed up on time and was exactly what I was looking for.


Thanks so much for carrying these they're so hard to find and I appreciate how quickly I receive these as I'm addicted to them, HA! I will continue to order them from you and there's another product I'd love to order from you as well the "Chimes toasted coconut with sea salt hard toffee". If you can offer these as well please let me know as I'd be a die hard customer.

Excellent product

Very good product and fast delivery

As described!

The shipping was fast and the candy was just as described!

Best coconut candy.

This candy is the best. I received a few pieces in a purchase from Japan and loved it.

Happy Customer

My items were delivered on time. Great Service.


I was in ChinaTown in NYC and my aunt bought me a package of melon hard candies that I fell in love with. When I ran out a quick internet search brought up this site! Thanks! (shipping was also very fast)

CoffeeSHOT cappuchino hard candy

I recently purchased this candy for my boyfriend's birthday. I also ordered 1 bag of regular CoffeeSHOT hard candy. He loved both flavors. I'll definitely make future purchases!

Ginger coconut candy

The candy is Tasty, its mostly a coconut flavor with a semi spicy ginger. Really a different taste, but very enjoyable.

CoffeeSHOT hard candy

I recently made a purchase for my boyfriend's birthday. I ordered 1 bag of regular CoffeeSHOT hard candy and one bag of the cappuccino flavor. He loved both flavors. I'll definitely make future purchases!

5 star

United Coffee Hard Candy 50 pieces 4.41 oz From Thailand

Love this candy

The price here is way better than other places but the shipping is a little excessive. I do love these candies and I'm happy to come here to get them though.


Good customer service very fast

5 star

Chun Guang Ginger Coconut Hard Candy

Happy online find!!

I bought this lemon and salty candy at an Asian market and loved it so much but when I went back for more couldnt find it!! I searched other markets to no avail and finally decided to look online!! Yay!! I ordered 4 so far but I know it won't be the last!!!

Great candy!

Delicious candy and fast shipping!

5 star

Unican Milkita Strawberry Milk Chewy Candy From Indonesia


Delivery was so fast and my daughter loved it. Will order again no question

CoffeeGo Candy Was Hard To Find

A friend had gave me a bag of this candy, but when I went looking for it I could not find it, so I tried Amazon and found it, but it was almost double the price of Auntie K, so when I found her web site it was a no brainer great price and fast delivery.


I would definitely order again. It was exactly what I wanted.

5 star

Chun Guang Premium Ginger Hard Candy From China

4 star

Chun Guang Coconut Hard Candy

Love it

I used it to avoid nausea while traveling and it absolutely worked. Love it...

Tasty Bits

Got a ;package in Christmas stocking. Liked the serious coffee flavor and used them to prevent eating more heavily sweet candies. When package was finished I Googled where to find them. Voila! Auntie K sent 2 packages so now I can resist Reeses.

I loved them

I loved my cola candies. They were delicious. Thank you! I recommend buying them. The quanity was amazing too.