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Great products, great service!

Five stars all around!

Balis Best Espresso Coffee Hard Candy Jar, 100 pieces

This is not what I ordered. But they are really good….

This is something I can eat the entire box in a day….

This is another candy that’s absolutely delicious… try it, I know you’ll love them….

Love Auntie K!

Don't hesitate to baby your sweet tooth with candy from Auntie K! Agreat product line, great service, fast delivery! i've been shopping with Auntie K for years now & i'm never disappointed. Hope you'll do the same. Enjoy!

I loved them , they brought back many memories of when I lived in Japan

True Gem

I have been looking for the Eiffel Bon Bons I used to get in High School every year. Just had them stuck in my head for forever. Auntie K Candy was the only place I could find them. The site is very user friendly and my order shipped quickly and the candy was JUST what I remembered. Thank you so much!

Excellent order

I have bene craving a candy i have not had since i was in highschool (about 20 years) and i finally found it for an agreeable price with Aunty K Candy. I bouth 5 bags. I got a couple of extras to try, and those were great! Not only was my order delivered within a few days of ploacing my order, but she included a bunch of freebies for me to try! I will return over and over.

Candies from my childhood

I had no idea this style of candy was still being made. This reminds me so much of my childhood growing up eating these candies along with ‘Local’ kind treat. Li Hing Mui and the like! I thought we maybe got more in a bag but still ‘ONO’.

Morinaga Japan Ramune Soda Fizzy Hard Candy Bottle, 0.9 oz

Never had anything like this before, chewy, a little crunchy, but not overwhelmingly sweet! So yummy

Literally tastes like a bite of apple with every piece, hands down my new favorite candy!

So creamy and flavorful...definitely recommend!

Reminds me of high school French class

I love eiffel bon bons! A nice nostalgic treat!


I haven’t seen this candy years%21 Great service and product

Amazing options

I love how things were packaged and it was exactly what I order with a small dose of other goodies I might be interested in. I really loved the ginger candy !! Definitely want to try more when I get a chance.

I found the candy I had been searching for. The order was swiftly and carefully handled. Great customer service

Deliciousness Served

I ordered some bon bon candy from Auntie K candy and it was processed and shipped faster than I thought. The candy is soft and delicious just like I remembered. Love the candy delivered.


Eat it all the time

Kabaya Double Soda Candy, 5 Combo Flavors
Lorelle W. (San Diego, CA)
Great variety!!

Always fresh candy, and fast service! Thanks🥰

Tenkei Japanese Marshmallows

The order was handled with the swiftness and efficiency befitting the professional operation they've proven to be.
The candy came a mere two days(!) after I ordered it.Furthermore,the Marshmallows,as well as the Fruit Chews that accompanied them,were of exquisite taste.If there a were a negative,I suppose it would've been my consuming them too fast and my wanting more too soon lol.
I eagerly anticipate ordering again.
Thanks so much Auntie K and have a great,safe and peaceful day 😊 ☺

These are so good and this is a great price!