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Love the hi-chews and coffee candy! I also ordered the grape and apple hi chew candy. I was glad I found this shop! My husband brought me the coffee candy from a sushi restaurant he went to and of course, nowhere near me sold this candy. So I got the internet and found this shop. Great prices, great value, great shipping time! I will definitely be ordering more very soon!

Interesting soft coffee candy, good taste and texture

Speedy shipment

Great seller! Order was shipped and arrived very quickly, perfect in every way! Thank you!


I ordered the wrong product and contacted them and they gave me the product I wanted with no problems.....thank you again

Great product.

Looked for this product everywhere and only your site had it in stock.

Great and fast service, if shipping was cheaper it would have made the whole experience amazing!

Quick delivey

I received my package quick and the order was correct

Excellent product

These are the best Ginger chews and they are not easy to find. Fast shipping!

Your coffee candy

This is the best coffee candy, when I get sleepy all I have to do is open the candy up and let it melt in my mouth and it does keep me awake it's better than warming up a cup when I"m driving, it's the best I will be ordering more of the candy, I even gave some to my friends and they loved it also.

Chimes Ginger Chews Tin: Orange Flavor

The tin is sturdy and easily opened. It also has a fun design. The chews are individually wrapped and as many as can fit are put inside. I didn't count them. They do stick to your teeth a bit when you chew them, but I like to suck on them to coat my throat with the warmth. The orange flavor doesn't overpower the ginger taste, instead, it's a nice complement to the ginger flavor. I look forward to buying more in the future.


This candy blew me away! It tastes like toasted coconut flakes. I'm definitely putting these on my next order.

Great candy selection

I ordered from Auntie K Candy. They had a great selection of candy options for great prices. I received my order within day of my order. I am very happy with this company!!

The whole family like the candy.

Great service, transaction and shipping!

Product shipped with great attention, quality and service to customer! Thank-you!

Kasugai Japan Gummy Candy, 13 Flavors Available!

Dandy's Coconut Ginger Hard Candy

So Delicious ...

I love these candies & was thrilled to find them again. Thanks!

Makes my customers very happy

I hate to say it but I am not a personal fan of ginger candy. It is too spicy for my pallet. That being said, my customers love it!! We have tried other brands but none get the response that this one does. Thanks for keeping my people happy.

Creamy goodness!!

An Uber driver shared a piece of this coconut candy with me. It floated around the bottom of my purse for a couple of weeks. I was so happy to find this piece of candy one day I was so hungry and stuck in traffic. One taste is all it took. I googled when I got home and ordered the coconut and the ginger! Sooo good!!

Outstanding Service

Auntie K filled my order and delivered on time. They keep you informed on status at all times. The product arrived and was packed professionally with care. Thank you for your outstanding service

Great tasting Coffee it

We will buy these again but will ask for you to ship them in a box as the envelope went thru the Postal machines and some of the candy packets were smashed into small pieces. None were opened but the bits were hard to get out of the little wrapper. Other than that the candy is a delight. Maybe you package in bigger bags for a savings or tell us where we can purchase them without shipping costs.


Pam Kroll

White rabbits

Candy was good, my favorite candy but they were extremely hard which was disappointing when I have purchased them before from different places they've always been soft. I will not be ordering from this website again.

Japanese awesomness

Best prices yet on Kasugai candy. Quick shipping.

Product As Desired

While on vacation In Maui I tasted this brand of ginger coconut candy and liked it! I forgot to buy several bags before leaving Maui. To my surprise I found Auntie K Candy same brand, on line. I've ordered several bags. Tasting this delicious candy took me back to Maui. Reasonably priced. Pricy S&H