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See what our customers have to say about us and the products we carry.  Proudly serving the finest and tastiest coffee, milk, coconut and other hard candies from around the world!
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Philippine Dried Guava Balls Chewy Fruit

Love them and will get them again

After dinner java

This is the best candy I’ve ever had with a great flavor. Will order again thank you

Philippine Dried Mango Banana

I love them and will purchase again. I am from the Caribbean, so they hit the taste bud to remind you of home.

Milkita Lollipops

I ordered 3 packages of the Milkita lollipops. They arrived quickly are very addicting. I planned to order more but they were out of stock when I tried to order them online again.

Great product, best price!

Wonderful candy at the best price i found. Well-packaged & shipped promptly. Excellent seller!


Dandy's Coconut Hard Candy

Coffee Candy

The best tasting coffee candy. I would highly recommend.

Love Auntie K's Candy

Looked everywhere for the candy and found it here and love it!!!

Coconut Ginger Candy

My Wife loves these candies they are delivered quick and fresh!


White Rabbit Creamy Milk Chewy Candy Rice Paper Wrapping, 6.3 oz


Wonderfood Salt and Lemon Hard Candy 5.30 oz From Malaysia

My go to site for Mango candy

I found this site by accident and I am glad I did.

Milk and Coffee Candy

Love the candies - they are delicious. Thought the shipping/handling charges were too much, will probably keep me from ordering again.

Love the candy.

I was in Bloomingdales over the holidays and one of the Cosmetic counters had the ginger coconut candy my sister gave me a piece I immediately fell in love with them and went online to find out how to purchase them thank you so much love the candy

Unican Milkita Strawberry Milk Chewy Candy

I'm always open to trying new foods (preferably candy), but when I came across this type of candy, I picked the strawberry milkshake flavor to be safe. I love strawberry milkshakes, and this candy captures the flavor and creaminess of one. I'm very satisfied with my purchase, and because of the taste accuracy, I recently bought the cappuccino flavor. I look forward to it. (:

Never received

I never received the candy I ordered.

Fast & Reliable

It is hard to find the product that I purchased. I found that the items I have ordered came quickly and were in great condition (not old yucky inventory). I am very happy about our purchase and will order again.

Lychee Candy

They are wonderful.....the taste is exactly like eating chilled fresh lychee nut fruit!

Coconut candy and Ginger coconut yummy

I was hesitant but try the ginger coconut very nice and creamy and not too spicy. Coconut candy is good too I will purchase more soon.

Great product. Prompt service.

Excellent product and service.

Great shop.

What a great place to shop for all my favorite candy. I also found so many ones I have never tried that are now new favorites. I will definitely be shopping here again. Not to mention the shipping was SO fast.

Ginger Coconut candy

Yummy Yummy! Shipping was timely and I'll definitely order again.

Good candy

They won't stop emailing me for a review. It was good candy.


This things tate like medicine

Best thing for a cough

A Korean lady heard my husband coughing at work. She handed him one fo these candies and it worked so well. So I found these and ordered them. I love them and I dont even have a cough. My husband asked me to order for friends!

Great flavor!

It was just like I’d had a cup of coffee. The flavor was outstanding!

Best candy ever!

I put this candy in my purse and it helps me get through long meetings without getting hungry or coughing and the taste is wonderful. Best ever had!!

Delicious and smooth

These are lovely with a delicate and sweet tea flavor/texture so we will likely get these again!


Those candies are something sweet I will be buying more

Just what I wanted.

I love my candy. It's hard to find in my area. I'm thankful that it came so quick.

Just what I was looking for!

I couldn't be more happier! Speedy service, excellent product and the candy was just the way I like the company, short and sweet :)

Love them!!

These are one of my very Favorites, so I had to buy two bags! A little salty with the caramel flavor.. So good!! ^_^

My favorite so far!

These are the best!! They have a sweet buttery caramel flavor with a little saltiness.. I even bought two bags lol :)

i'm so glad i found these!

i bought this first at my local urban outfitters for $6.99, and although they were pricey they were 100% worth it. now that i found this website, i can order them without wasting too much money!!

Fast and Delicious

Thank you so much for the speedy shipment, and for making one of my fav candies available.

I️ left 2 reviews

Your candy is good. Unfortunately I️ had delays with my orders that I️ had to bring your attention to. I️ also this the shipping costs are way to high. They are as much as my orders. If this can be rectified I️ would definitely order again!!!!


Unican Milkita Banana Milkshake Chewy Milk Candy 4.23 oz

Needs work

I sent Two reviews but I don’t think you received them. Your product is good, but I have two issues. When I placed my orders they were delayed and problems with that I don’t know about. Then there is the problem with shipping costs. The costs are as much as my orders. Very not happy about that and I really don’t understand why. If these problems can be rectified I would be happy to order from you again. Thank you, Anna Caputo

I like your candy

There is a problem with every delivery. Delayed!! And the cost of shipping is just as much as my cost. If you can fix this problem I would be happy to order again. Anna Caputo

Heavenly Coconut Conundrum!

Coconut fanatic that i am, I recently ordered Chun Guang Premium Coconut Hard Candy from Auntie K, along with 2 other Chun Guang coconut hard candies, and Dandy's. The package arrived quickly. I was soon in over my head having little contests between these coconut candies, trying to decide which was the best. They were all so good! I think this one is the best. Rich and creamy, but with a toasted quality. But I still love the others (including Dandy's!), each one has something to offer.

Thank you, Auntie K's for making these available!


Great website and quick response. I would recommend this website to anyone!

Ginger coconut csndy

Thank you love the candy don’t have it here in Las Vegas Nevada glad I was able to get it from you.

Fast delivery!!

Really good product and fast delivery. I will buy again from Auntie K's page!!


Jack'n'Jill X.O. Classic Hard Coffee Candy Philippines

Very pleased with my experience with Auntie K candy!

I have been very pleased with the candy I have purchased thank you!

Thanks for such prompt service this is my favorite candy and I will reorder soon it was no longer...

Excellent candy and service. I was stressed because it’s no longer available in my area so I feel like you saved my life. I have acid reflux and the ginger helps the coconut gives that extra pop thanks again. Not just a candy

Great find with Auntie K Candy!

I enjoyed sharing the variety of candy I purchased and plan on purchasing again!

Great candy. Great price

I love this coconut finger candy and was so happy to find it at Auntie K's website. Easy to order and shipped quickly. Was surprised how fast it got here. Will look for my other favorites here when I need them. Very happy