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Talk to a Human!

Have a question about something you see or don't see?  Just send me an email and you can write something lengthier or attach a picture.  If you have an order number make sure to key that in as well so I can refer to it.  I have a phone number and if your inquiry is rather quick and simple, shoot me a text message on it instead. 

ADDRESS: Auntie K Candy 1750 Lundy Ave. #611511 San Jose, CA 95161
TEXT: 510-990-0120

My number one priority is to get orders packed and shipped out as soon as possible, so there is a slight delay in returning inquiries and we may not be always present to answer the phones. Email and text exchanges will make it easier for us to respond, and I can especially do that on the go. Please remember to include your order number for us to reference!