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Royal Family Bubble Milk Boba Tea Mochi Japanese Dessert Rice Cake 8.4 oz


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This is pretty close to the true thing, texture and flavor.  Yes, there is a slight aftertaste but its only noticeable when you really go looking for it. Thats how it is for these processed desserts.  I think its the gas they use to keep it fresh in the package since its not it nitrogen?  I don't know, but they are so soft and fluffy and the bubble milk tea flavor is a little over mild to me, not overtly sweet.  This large value pack comes in 16-17 pieces.  Made in Taiwan.



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Madisen H. (Rock Hill, SC)

These mochi rice cakes are so good! I love mochi but it’s so hard to find. These however hit the spot. Soft, chewy, so delicious.

Kyler d. (Oneonta, NY)
Wanted to like it but didn't

I got these in hope of scoring a delicacy, it disappointed my whole family. I have a whole bag I would feel so terrible about throwing away but I just can't eat them and no one else will. The outside is so soft and tender, its something you really want to love!! The taste betrays the whole illusion unfortunately... I can taste a boba familiarity but in a bad way. It reminds me of when I've had too many Boba pearls and I feel sick.

Customer (Rochester, NY)

I’ll definitely be ordering again I loved all the candies they were perfect!! Thank you so much!!