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Kanro Japan Premium Hokkaido Matcha Green Tea Milk Hard Candy


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If you like the Kasugai Hokkaido Milk Green Tea candy, you will love this.  The swirls of Hokkaido fresh cream look pretty cool and the overall taste is rich and creamy.  I thought it was more milky than matcha-y (whatever I'm going to use that as a word) and it does have a little vanilla essence in it.  If you like green tea ice cream, you will like this candy!  

Individually wrapped, about 18 pieces per package.  70 grams (2.46 oz) net weight.  


Customer Reviews

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D. K.R. (Bridgeport, CT)
Five bright stars!!!!!

Great source for high quality & dazzling speed

Nick Y. (Smithtown, NY)

it was interesting but some of the ingredients didn't really go well, I probably won't by this same product again, it wasn't up to my expectations

Linda Y. (Media, PA)
Sweets from the East

I like candy from Korea, Philippine, Japan, China and Taiwan.
The candies are not so sweet as American made candies and the have favors like matcha, green tea and fruits, again Americans don't make.
Auntie K offers a line of soft candy that are very good too.
Dried mango/pineapple balls are soft, and come in many other favors.
I've bought Bali's Best Tea candy, Hokkaido Matcha milk, and Haitai Sweet Plum hard candy. All are very good. Small problem with sweet plum hard candy maybe too round and big. I eat it very carefully so not to choke.