Royal Family Mochi Japanese Dessert Rice Cake Various Flavors


If you like mochi you will like these small sweets. Each bag has about 9 individually wrapped pieces.  I was surprised the texture is pretty close to the real thing for a packaged good.  If you've never had this before its like a chewy marshmallow, squishy but they bounce back like a gummy.  But not as tough and elastic as a gummy.  Got that all?  

Available in Matcha Green Tea, Azuki Red Bean, Bubble Milk Tea, Tropical Fruits Mix ,  Taro, and Strawberry. 

Bubble Milk Tea is also available in another listing in double the size at 8.4 ounces. The packaging has Japanese writing on it and it is a Japanese dessert, but this candy/snack/dessert is made in Taiwan (which some of you may know a lot of Hi Chew is made there).  If you also come across the Honey Bee brand of mochi, note that those are also made by Royal Family.  I tend to only eat these kind because the quality is the highest.

Customer Reviews

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Amity R. (Fayetteville, NC)

I remember a sweet neighbor giving me Flowers kiss candy, when I was a child. I was so happy I found them again!
The mochi was wonderful as well. My kids loved them. I will definitely order more items in the future!

Celia N.
Love love love these!

I love these Mochi and when I couldn’t find them at my local store I searched online. These are the best price and they are so fresh and delicious! Highly recommend if you know you like red bean mochi!

Leticia Z. (San Luis, AZ)
Trying new candies

I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of candies available. My favorite was the milk mochi. The texture was something new which added to the whole experience. I will be trying new ones with the great variety available and its priced reasonable.