Morinaga Hi Chew Infrusions Orchard Mix with Blood Orange, Strawberry, and Peach


Newest addition in 2022 to the Hi Chew line, this one boasts chews infused with apple puree.  I wouldn't say this is juicier than the other pieces we know so well, its not like biting into a gusher or a candy with a liquid center.  But it's really good.  3 flavors to try, with Blood Orange, Peach and Strawberry.  I'm so glad peach is back, it was my favorite before it was discontinued.  Theres dark bits of fruit pieces inside each chew, sort of like flavor crystals!  About 24 pieces per bag , 4.24 oz.   

I know this is expensive and borderline ridiculous, but I'm not getting it at a better price either, I can carry enough for the demand thats currently out there and not trying to generate more interest!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Naomi S. (Elk Grove Village, IL)
So good!!!

These are so juicy and taste exactly like the fruit.

Dylan L. (Phoenix, AZ)
Great product

Delicious hi-chews that I've never even seen anywhere else. Auntie K comes through again!

Wendy (Marble Falls, TX)
Delicious and fruity!

These are so good, the fruit bits are super flavorful and add a nice texture to the candy. They remind me of the fruit leather snacks I used to eat as a kid.