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Hot weather warning! No ice packs. Certain chocolates and gummies may melt. Ask if you are unsure!
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Marukawa Japan Felix the Cat Bubble Gum Strawberry Flavor


I knew this neko gum was really long standing by Marukawa, but I didn't know it came out in 1960.  This Felix Cat gum is so great, it just never gets hard like chewing a rubber band and has the right amount of sweetness and strawberry flavor.  The flavor does go away after 3 or 4 minutes of chewing, but its not like the marble gum version where its gone in 30 seconds.  I could sell these individually, but I don't want the paper to come off during shipping and I think you would want all 60 pieces anyway.

Comes in a tray of 60 pieces, individually wrapped.


Customer Reviews

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Wendy L. (Marble Falls, TX)
Best gum ever!

Okay, maybe not the best gum ever but it exactly what I wanted and have been looking for since I was a kid.

I used to always get the Sanrio version of this gum as a child. I loved it. Cute wrapper. Nice flavor. Interesting shape. I was stoked to find it available from Auntie K!

It arrived in perfect condition, and I’ve been enjoying a piece every few days. The flavor doesn’t last as long as some, but it’s a nice fruity flavor, strawberry I think?

Anyway, it has always been my favoritej!