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Hot weather warning! No ice packs. Certain chocolates and gummies may melt. Ask if you are unsure!

Morinaga Hi Chew Soda Pop Bag Chewy Candy Cola, Ramune Soda Flavors 2.82 oz


Morinaga America discontinued the Fizzies (that had cola and orange soda) and instead brought in the ramune soda with the cola flavor.  Theres no fizziness if thats what you are thinking, its just a straight up taffy.  I guess you have to try it, I thought the cola was still the same flavor as last time, to me there was a hint of cherry tart.  The ramune soda has a lemonade soda taste to it, but I think this is where Puchao Ramune Soda has them beat as that is so much better.   About 15-17 pieces, individually wrapped.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie F. (Lexington, KY)

I will be buying more! So delicious

Joleen O. (Clemson, SC)

I love the Ramune soda chews.... My daughter does too and took them from me!! Lol

Ben D. (Clearwater, FL)

Kids loved it. I may have had some too. Thanks Auntie :-)