Nintendo Mario Mushroom Sours Hard Candy Tin, Green or Red


Cool tiny little metal tin with some pez type candy inside, made by Boston America.  The red mushroom is sour cherry while the green is sour apple.  It weighs about 1 ounce and the container is about 1 inch in diameter if you want to fill it with something else.  You can choose the color you want too, power-up or 1-up!

Customer Reviews

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Shanda s. (Circleville, WV)
Great candies

It was so nice to find your business that I was able to get a hold of bon bons and go back in time to where I was in high school all over again selling bon bons for our forgien field trip.

Carl C. (Denver, CO)
Cute little mushroom tin

Perfect for my candy video!

Annmarie N. (Newburgh, NY)
So cute!

I got these as gifts so can’t speak to the taste but the package is adorable and everything from this shop is the best. Amazing service, love buying from here.