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I’m Auntie K.  My many nieces and nephews all have the same hard time pronouncing my name, so they just call me ‘K’ and it stuck.  And when I bring them a little sweet gift, they gotta call me Auntie out of respect! So thats how I became Auntie K Candy.

The cool thing about my shop is that it's not a bunch of corporate minions running it. Everything here is discovered, curated, and then shipped to you by ME (Well, my husband helps me too ^_^ ). So if something doesn’t go right for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll fix it ASAP. If you are looking for a cool candy that you just can’t find, let me know and I will investigate.

Much love and thanks for stopping by!

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Trust Us with Your Sweet Tooth

No Frills Pricing
Our main focus is keeping prices low for our customers. That means we reuse boxes, skip fancy packaging, and only spend on core operations.
Directly Sourced
We source straight from manufacturers and their authorized distributors, allowing us to obtain the freshest goods, best pricing and priority shipments.
Always Current
As candy experts, we know about the newest products, flavors, and more. We share our exclusive findings with you first.

Auntie K Candy
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