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Bali's Best Espresso Coffee Hard Candy 2.2 lb Bulk


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Bali's Best Espresso Coffee Hard Candy. Individually wrapped candies per bag, in the manufacturer's original silver packaging. Arabica coffee beans (from Sulawesi, Indonesia) for a dark, rich, bittersweet coffee flavor. This candy, unlike the classic roast regular, is center-filled with espresso. Its not a liquid that pours out when you crunch on it but more of a thick honey syrup consistency.  This unit is equivalent to about 6-7 bags of the 5.3 oz candies.  The caffeine content is roughly 3 mg per piece, so you'd have to eat 20+ pieces to get the equivalent kick of an 8 oz cup of tea/coffee.  Best used for a little mid day or late afternoon pick me up!

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