Kasugai Japan Lychee Litchi Lizhi Hard Candy


A classic that you have to try for yourself. Some say it tastes like a strawberry (if you've never had lychee before), but it has a unique aroma like rose petals. Little bit of tart and not too sweet, this is a perfect confectionary. Try it with its brother, the Musk Melon hard candy.


Customer Reviews

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SUZANNE Q. (Rocklin, CA)
This is Lychee candy!

We love this particular brand of lychee candy. Our local Asian market discontinued carrying it. I am so happy and lucky I found you. Thank you for making this product available to us again.

Angela Y. (Atlanta, GA)

I ordered this online from auntie k candy while searching for this lychee candy my boyfriend loves and can't find locally here. When the candy arrived, it was the same one as we got! It was so good and in good condition and came quickly too! Really grateful to get this candy again. Thank you!

Joe C. (Christiansburg, VA)
Great Job

Excellent service every step of the way! First class!