Kimmie Candy Salted Caramel Chocorocks 6.5 oz Bag


Sea Salt Caramel Chocorocks, the right balance of salty andsweet caramel flavor. Rocks are fun to look at and hold and they won't melt, and give a nice crunch when you eat them.

Resealable bag, 6.5 oz

NON GMO, Gluten Free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Malinda C. (Fort Worth, TX)

Love the coffee candies and the choco rocks. Orders always quickly and correctly. And they always include 3 or 4 loose candies to sample.

Brian P. (Las Vegas, NV)
Love them!

Your candy is so addictive! I love them all!

Andrew B. (Bremen, GA)

The Salted Caramel Chocorocks are a great snack.

WARM WEATHER ALERT: When purchasing this item please be aware that it may melt during warm days from May - September.  Note that we do not ship with ice packs but will make every effort to insulate and adjust the delivery timing of your package to make sure it arrives intact.  During this time frame, we do not provide returns or refunds for melted products.  Please order at your own risk.  If you have a question and would like our assessment please reach out prior to purchase.  

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