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No ice packs. Chocolates and Gummies may melt. Ask if you are unsure!
Hot weather warning! No ice packs. Certain chocolates and gummies may melt. Ask if you are unsure!

Royal Family Bubble Milk Boba Tea Mochi Japanese Dessert Rice Cake 8.4 oz


This is pretty close to the true thing, texture and flavor.  Yes, there is a slight aftertaste but its only noticeable when you really go looking for it. Thats how it is for these processed desserts.  I think its the gas they use to keep it fresh in the package since its not it nitrogen?  I don't know, but they are so soft and fluffy and the bubble milk tea flavor is a little over mild to me, not overtly sweet.  This large value pack comes in 16-17 pieces.  Made in Taiwan.

Customer Reviews

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Customer (Rochester, NY)

I’ll definitely be ordering again I loved all the candies they were perfect!! Thank you so much!!

Nicholas Y. (Smithtown, NY)
very good

excellent I got everything that I ordered and couldn't be happier, I can't wait to order from here again

Ton T. (Highland, CA)
Quite Satisfied with my order.

Thank you for the timely shipment.